Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Jungfrauen und Fischer

Sogleich verließen sie das Boot und ihren Vater
und folgten Jesus 
(Mt 4,2)
It is not the man who proclaims himself a disciple, but it is Jesus that converts the man and calls him to be his disciple choosing him with love. The disciple then is not called in the first place to learn a doctrine but to live with a Presence that is the emotional center of his life of “called one”. In the first place there is the attachment to the person of Jesus.

This membership requires a profound detachment. James and John, Peter and Andrew leave their nets and the boat and their father. In other words they leave the work and the family. The work ensures security and social esteem, the father represents the roots. This is a radical departure.

This separation makes it possible to respond to the call of Jesus by following Him fully and freely. The two verbs "leave" and "follow" indicate a shift of the center of the life of the person called. The call of Jesus is not in view of a social arrangement, not located in one state, but sets off on a mission.

Finally, we see that the characteristics of the disciple are at least two: the communion with Christ ("follow me ") and a move towards humanity ("I will make you fishers of men"). The second one stems from the first. Jesus does not put his disciples in a separate, closed space. He sends them along the roads of the world. In this respect also Pope Francis speaking of Saint Peter Favre, a French Jesuit, invites us to imitate this “companion of Jesus" letting “Christ occupy the center of the heart."

Even the Consecrated Virgins live this "centrality" of Christ, following him in full abandonment and loving trust and imitating the first four apostles chosen by Jesus. It is not a coincidence that they were fishermen. The fisherman, who lives most of his days in the pure solitude of the water, is the person who knows how to wait. It is the patient person who is in no hurry, drops his net and relies on God. The water throws tantrums, the lake has its own eccentricities and the days are never alike. Starting to go off in search of fish, the fisherman does not know if he will return with boat full or without even a fish to put on the fire for his meal. He puts himself in the hands of the Lord who sends the abundance and famine. He consoles himself for the bad day thinking about the good one to come.

With talent and feminine sensibility capable of supreme dedication, the Consecrated Virgins live the same call of the apostles-fishermen. They live the same path of holiness of the one who chooses to follow Christ with dilated heart and the same humility of the Holy Family of Nazareth (such as the Ambrosian liturgy recalls today) of which obviously Jesus was the center and where evidently the home of the one was the affection of the other. (aus: Jesus Christus, das Licht der Welt, Lectio Divina zum 3. Sonntag im Jahreskreis A von Msgr. Francesco Follo, bei Zenit)

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