Freitag, 10. September 2010

No sex and the city

Eine Beobachtung, die ein amerikanischer Ordensbruder am Rande der Feier einer Jungfrauenweihe in seinem Bistum machte – eine Art „No sex and the city“. (Ich versage mir an dieser Stelle mal die Frage, wie ein Ordensbruder an Kenntnisse der Inhalte dieser Serie kommt – bestimmt hat er sich das vor seinem Eintritt angesehen ;P)
This woman is the first consecrated virgin for our diocese, but three other virgins had come from other dioceses to support her. Later I sat at the lunch table with this newly consecrated virgin and her three consecrated-virgin friends, ranging in age from about 30 to about 60. It felt like Sex and the City from an alternate universe. These women were comfortable in their own skins and confident with men. Unlike the popular show, where women agonize over relationships that never satisfy, and then solve their problems by going shopping, these virgins seemed more than satisfied.

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